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Книга из раздела "Букинистика".



Use DISC to discover profound hidden patterns of human behavioral style, gain deeper self-awareness, maximize your personal strengths, and influence others more powerfully than ever before! Taking Flight  illuminates the proven DISC four-style model of human behavior, and shows how to use it to become a far more effective leader, salesperson, or teacher; revitalize your career; build deeper personal relationships; fully leverage your natural gifts, and empower everyone around you. Drawing on their immense experience coaching executives and training world-class organizations, Merrick Rosenberg and Daniel Silvert introduce DISC through a fable that's quick, fun, and easy-to-understand. You'll discover why you "click" with some people and "clank" with others, and what really drives your decisions and actions. You'll learn exactly how to identify others' behavioral styles and choose the best ways to interact with them. You'll walk through creating a personal action plan for improvement -- and then systematically making the most of your strengths, working around your weaknesses, and supercharging your personal performance! If you're already familiar with DISC, this book will help you use it more effectively than ever before. If you're new to DISC, it will change your life -- just as it has for thousands before you!


About the Author:

Merrick Rosenberg, M.B.A., is an accomplished entrepreneur and keynote speaker. In 1991, he co-founded Team Builders Plus, the most recognized team-building company in the United States. Merrick has led team and leadership development training programs around the world for more than two decades. Drexel University honored Merrick as the Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year, and NJ Biz selected him as one of the New Jersey Executives of the Year. Under Merrick’s leadership, Team Builders Plus was recognized as the New Jersey Business of the Year by NJ Biz; one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine; and on numerous occasions, as one of the Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work in the Philadelphia region by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Daniel Silvert, B.A., is a sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach. Daniel has led training programs at every level on the DISC styles, leadership, teamwork, accountability, and transformational change. Daniel’s early background focused upon career development, coaching hundreds of executives through career transitions from both within and outside their organizations. Daniel has brought his unique perspective to hundreds of companies and government agencies, including Adidas, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dell, Dow Jones, Home Depot, L’Oreal, L-3 Communications, Merck, SAP, Situs, W.L. Gore, and the Department of Homeland Security.


Технические детали:

Количество страниц: 240

Обложка: твердая

Размер:  15х2,54х20,6 см

Язык: английский


Книга "Taking Flight"

руб. 1000,00Цена

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